Military Storage Rolling Security shutter
Weapons Storage Rolling Security Door
Rollok Rolling Door


Rollok knows that the military and first responders expect their equipment to be reliable every time there is a need. Our security rolling doors and rolling security shutters provide the reliability that they require. Rollok provides a high level of quality and security that meets the specific needs of the branch or division.


Whether the need is securing equipment, tools, or weapons, Rollok rolling security doors and rolling security shutters do the job while providing a clean look and minimizing the space to operate unlike traditional swinging doors. Our full line of slat material allows the selection of the right level of security for the project along with the right locks, handles and operator to fit the exact need of the end user.


Rolling security door and rolling security shutter solutions mad by Rollok are a great solution on vehicles of any type where additional supplies or response gear is stowed with a focus on function and space.

The entire Rollok team is committed to providing the highest quality security rolling door and security rolling shutter solutions that are reliable day in and day out for the mission of the application.


Our entire team at Rollok has a firm understanding that our clients have deadlines to meet. For that reason, we are constantly taking steps to be innovative in our production processes, inventory management, and automation to ensure short lead times.


Rollok rolling doors and rolling security shutters are produced in our plant located in Fort Worth, Texas. Our solutions include only the highest quality materials available that we source from long standing partners. Quality, service, reliability and value are attributes that are vital when selecting a partner to work with.