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Aluminum Roll-Up Tambour Doors

Rollok manufactures aluminum roll-up tambour doors for a wide variety of applications. Typical applications are millwork and cabinetry display units that require full access during retail hours, and then convert to locking doors for after–hours security. With or without torsion assist springs, our various slat materials cover a wide range of rolling door needs.




Guide Systems for Tambour Doors

Two complete guide systems are available for millwork applications. Depending on size and weight of the rolling door, each of the two systems is available with a controlling torsion spring operator. Smaller units that do not need the control of an operator work in the same fashion as the old rolltop desk. The aluminum rolltop desk provides greater durability and long–term usage. One of the main benefits of the aluminum rolltop desk is the ability to span wider distances with minimal deflection and sagging. Details of each system are listed below.



Recessed Mounted Guides

These recess mounted guides use ABS extruded material. The guide material is mortised into the side panels, so that the guide rests 1/8” above the surface of the interior walls. This guide gives an integrated look to the fixture. Call for exact dimension requirements of this recess guide.




Surface Mounted Guides

The surface mounted guide is mounted on the interior side of each side panel. The surface guide can be concealed by installing a face frame on the fixture.


Spring-Assisted Tambour Doors

The mechanically assisted tambour door provides ease in raising and lowering heavier tambour doors. The design provides a controlled balance of the slat weight. The benefit of the counterbalance system is ease in lifting.


Guide and Radius

Both guide systems utilize a molded ABS 4” 90° radius. These guide systems incorporate a tongue and groove style connection providing a smooth transition from the straight guide piece to the molded radius piece.


Guide Inserts


Our guide systems are available with any combination of guide inserts. These guide inserts help to ensure the slat material rides smoothly in the guide channel.

Nylon brush or rigid extruded PVC can be provided depending on weather and other job requirements.

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