Motors and Controls

Motors and Controls

Rollok has a wide variety of motor and control options in applications where a motor is preferred over a torsion spring operated rolling security tambour door or shutter. Options include:

  • Single and multi-channel remote controls
  • Wall mounted switches
  • Environmental factor controls
  • Home automation options
  • Key box controls
  • Rollok provides numerous options to provide the right solution for application. For additional details regarding motors and controls please contact us. Our team is here to help.

    Motors and Controls

    Rollok has added two new controllers that work with our motorized security shutters and doors. The first is a RFID reader and key pad providing the ability to open or close the unit with a card or using a code. The second is a controller that works by reading a fingerprint or using a RFID card. Both operators can be installed on the guiderail of the rolling shutter or door to provide a clean appearance to the overall project.

    Hand Crank Operation

    Motors and Controls

    Rollok has added a hand crank option to our list of operators. This type of operator allows the user to open and secure the shutter or door using a hand crank, as seen in the photo. This hand crank can then be detached, stored, and easily reconnected to open or close the shutter. It is a great option for a user who does not want a motorized unit and the torsion spring option does not fit their needs.

    Torsion Spring Operation


    Rollok has a wide range of spring options that provide the right amount of tension to each custom built Rollok rolling security door or security shutter to deliver optimal performance of the solution. Our trained manufacturing professionals select the right spring for each door based on the materials being utilized in its construction. Before your order leaves our facility, the tension has been tested to make certain that when it arrives, it is ready to install right out of the box.