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Retail Rolling Security Shutter


Rollok rolling security door and rolling security shutters provide that additional layer of security to detour and prevent crimes of opportunity, such as “smash and grabs”. This type of crime negatively impacts the business through loss of merchandise, cost to repair the building, and lost revenue. Whether it is an act of vandalism or a thief, Rollok can help. Rollok offers a wide variety of rolling door and rolling security shutter solutions to protect the business owners interest.


Rollok rolling security doors and security shutters are versatile in their design and function. All of Rollok’s rolling security door and security shutter solutions are constructed of aluminum and are designed to be unobtrusive. Another benefit of Rollok solutions is that they can be mounted to the interior or exterior of the structure. Because of this Rollok rolling security shutters and doors do not detract from the design and aesthetics of the building. All of these characteristics of Rollok rolling doors and rolling security shutters add to the value to the business owner. Security, function, and great design come together to make selecting a Rollok solution the clear choice.


Rollok rolling security door and rolling security shutter solutions are easy to install and easy to operate. When installing Rollok rolling door or security shutter solutions, either during construction or years after the structure was built, there is no need to plan for a long installation process. The design of Rollok solutions allow for ease of installation and as a result the installation does not disrupt business operations. Also a factor that impacts the ease of installation is how your Rollok rolling doors and security roll shutters arrive at your location. Rollok solutions arrive ready to install, right out of the box. When your team opens the shipment the door housing is completely assembled to included the door or shutter curtain and the tension or limits are already set in our factory to your height specification. Our goal at Rollok is to have you ready to install when you arrive on the jobsite.


Rollok offers operator options that fit the business and employees needs. Whether a spring operator or a motor is the optimal choice for the rolling door or security roll shutter, Rollok rolling security doors and security shutters open and close smoothly with little effort, making them easy to use.


Our entire team at Rollok has a firm understanding that our clients have deadlines to meet. For that reason, we are constantly taking steps to be innovative in our production processes, inventory management, and automation to ensure short lead times.


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37mm RC2

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37mm RC3

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