Rolling Sun Protection in Living Area
Rolling Sun Protection on Porch
Rolling Sun Protection Exterior View
Rolling Sun Protection Exterior Porch

Modern Rolling Sun Screen Systems Are All-rounders:
Inside, they provide for a pleasant room climate and glare-free illumination, outside they match the looks of the building and resist the most extreme weather conditions. With the innovative rolling sun screens by Rollok, made from durable textiles and strong aluminum, you can enjoy all the advantages of modern sun protection – and rely on them for many years.

Rollok offers a wide range of textile options for our rolling sun screens in both colors, opening factor, and style so you do not have to settle when choosing the textile that fits your needs. We are able to do this due to our partnership with Heroal and the ability to custom order the textile for each rolling sunshade thus eliminating the need to limit our clients to 4-8 colors and styles.